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Open Thread: Cards Make Some Roster Moves

Cards add Yepez and Naile.

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Detroit Tigers Dave Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday, Viva El Birdos!

You probably saw the roster moves from yesterday afternoon, but in case you didn’t here they are again:

Personally, I would like to see the Cards do a little more than shuffle a few deck chairs around because of injuries and try to do something to catch a little fire. Andrew Knizner is seeing quite a bit of lineup time while continuing to scuffle. (Hopefully, his scuffles don’t include Friday night. I’m prepping this before game time.)

Meanwhile, Liberatore has been quite good in AAA...

This team sure looks like it could use a jolt in the rotation. Wouldn’t the Cards’ best minor leaguer and the best pitcher in the International League make a lot of sense for this roster? He had a fantastic spring and has only continued his impressive season.

Yes, Wainwright is coming back. Yes, that could help them. But so could the team’s most dynamic AAA arm this season.

Pallante should also be back with the Cards. I’m not sure why he’s not. I get that Naile is a placeholder. But he’s a placeholder for Waino. Not for Pallante.

Admittedly, I’ve been gone for much of this week, but I still can’t quite figure out what the Cardinals are trying to do with their roster. It sure is something. This season sure is something.

Anyway, I’m out until tomorrow afternoon. So the thread is yours. Talk about what you will! Let’s hope that we get to talk about some wins this weekend.