Well that was nice. But how did it happen?

Its July. Small (and large) furry animals are frolicking in the fields. Families are having BBQs. John Mozeliak has a new spiffy bowtie. Goldy and Nolan 2.0 are in Seattle preparing for the ASG.

And the Cardinal bus has nobody under it. Nobody. Not a trace of blood on the tyres. Because the world is back in balance, the Cards are 46-42, tied for a WC spot and just one game behind the faltering Brewers atop the NLC. October beckons, and rumours are flying about Lucas Giolito being traded to the Cards before the deadline.

Did that start to the season really happen? Were they really 12 games below .500 on their way to Fenway Park? What just happened?

Well for those of you unable to remember, here’s what happened, series by series.

* * * * * *

12 May (@Boston): 3-0 sweep. You’ve been Nolanned, Red Sox!

15 May (v Milwaukee): 2-1. OK they have good SP but we got better hitting

18 May (v Dodgers): 2-2. The Dodgers are hot as hell and we can’t win every series. Four fantastic games between two teams at the peak of their powers

22 May (@Reds): 3-1. I don’t care if they have been winning games. This is not a good team

26 May (@Guardians): 1-2. Exactly the sort of series we should win but don’t

29 May (Royals): 2-0. Ker-chiiiiing!

2 June (@Pirates): 2-1. Pirates are terrible and horrible. Don’t believe anything else. Anything, you hear? But somehow they still win a game

5 June (@Rangers): 1-2. Tough one to call, but even though this Rangers team is less than the sum of its parts we lose the series. Bummer

9 June (Reds): 3-0. Votto hits a homer in every game (that’s OK, we like Joey Votto) but the rest of the Reds suck like they should

12 June (Giants): 1-2. I haaaaaate the Giants. Why are they such party poopers? Damn and blast

16 June (@Mets): 2-1. Mets lead every game after 7 innings, but then TON pops up again with a pair of 8th inning HRs (and hustles around the bags) to scupper the Pond Scum

19 June (@ Nationals): 2-1. Scrappy low scoring rubbish but we take the series 2-1 by making fewer errors

24 June (Cubs): 1-1. Argh! Should have been a sweep but we lose one late in front of VEB Europe, who prompt adjourn to the pub to lick their wounds

27 June (Astros): 2-2. The trashmen unfortunately remove two bins (sorry, wins) from Busch

30 June (Yankees): 1-1. This year we generously allow the Yanks to leave town with something after Harry Bader hits 2 HRs and robs Goldy of another

3 Jul (@Marlins): 2-2. The series that got away. 5 runs off 5 innings pitched by Sandy then the BP disintegrates before our eyes, walking in the winning run. They didn’t hold on to their butts

7 Jul (@ White Sox): 3-0. Lineup explodes for 35 runs in the series. Unedifying scenes in front of the visiting clubhouse as White Sox jostle each other in the queue to get on the plane with the Redbirds. Giolito rushes the bus to the airport and refuses to get off

* * * * * *

Remember folks, you heard it here first.