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Jordan Walker was mic’d up for Opening Day and he is delightful - A Hunt and Peck

Such a ray of sunshine.

MLB: APR 05 Braves at Cardinals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is no secret that I am the resident Jordan Walker enthusiast. I do not dare try to claim I am the only or most excited supporter, but let’s just say a casual fan asked me about him the other day I had a sequence of prepared remarks to pull from because I have said them so many times already. The dude has charisma, he is fun, he is youthful and exuberant, and by every look of it so far, he can play. I have nothing but praise for the Cardinals’ newest Large Adult Son.

If he isn’t your favorite player yet, be prepared for him to be after you watch him mic’d up on Opening Day.

There are a few standout moments here. First of all, it is so refreshing and lovely to see a young player experience Opening Day for the first time. Walker just legitimately seems to be having a blast. Probably some of the best moments are Walker and Alec Burleson interacting. I think one my favorites is about 15 seconds in after Walker took a photo with Ozzie Smith and Burleson asks him if he knows who that is...

Walker: Ozzie Smith
Burleson: Oh okay... Just making sure!
Walker: I had dinner with him.
Burleson: You had dinner with him?
Walker: Yeah.
Burleson: Cool — why wasn’t I invited? Why didn’t you invite me, huh? Where at? Where’d you guys go, Outback?

I also found it really sweet that Mark McGwire introduced himself. There is something so charming to me about someone that might have one of the most recognizable goatees in baseball not assuming someone born in 2002 would know who is he. I love that.

The whole video is wonderful though and if you are still feeling down after the Cardinals were swept by the Braves, you should give it a watch to lift your spirits!

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