Thanks a lot, SBN: Remembering "I AM RANDAL, ASK ME ANYTHING"

A conversation on my fantasy league's Slack reminded me of this old fanpost.

I think guys could go oppo more, but it’s just less profitable than trying to drive the ball. Say going the other way increases your chance of reaching safely by 10%? That’s cool, but you’re still going to make an out most of the time and you’re going to reduce the chance of hitting a HR or a double so the trade off doesn’t pay.

I believe it was Daniel Murphy who said something along the lines of "it takes 3 singles to score a runner or 1 homerun"

Reading that reply, I was reminded of a comment from the AMA. To my recollection:

"Randall, how would you describe your approach at the plate?"

The second greatest fanpost I've ever seen and the comments are just gone. The internet archive doesn't appear to be able to load the old comments either. Sorry for the low-effort fanpost, but I had to vent my sadness about this. Nobody would happen to have a backup of the thread somehow, would they? Or if not, comment what you can remember from the old fanpost below. Or make fun of me because I'm a Cubs fan, or because nobody remembers this fanpost and you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Well, bye.