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VEB Podcast: Minor League Season Preview w/ Kyle Reis

Kyle Reis from Birds on the Black joins the VEB Podcast team to preview the Cardinals’ 2023 Minor League season. We hit all the the names to know at each level and answer listener questions.

Happy Saturday, Viva El Birdos!

We’re back with another podcast episode! This time the gang — Blake Newberry, Adam Akbani, and I — are joined with Kyle Reis from Birds on the Black to preview the Minor League season.

We go through each level of the minors, talking about prospects to know and under-the-radar names to watch. After that, we hit up your questions. Thanks again for asking questions and I hope you find our answers satisfactory. Sorry we weren’t able to get to all of them!

Here’s the audio version of the podcast:

Here’s the video format on YouTube:

There was way too much names and content to try to do a summary of the information here in this space. If you want to know what we talked about, my best advice is to give the podcast a listen!

We all pretty much agreed that this year should be an exciting season of minor league ball. The Cardinals have a loaded AAA team, stacked with high-end prospects, experienced major leaguers, and developing players who could be starters in the years to come.

A lot of our talk at Memphis centered around Matthew Liberatore, who is showing a level of consistency and dynamic performance that he’s only flashed in the past. I had some questions about Ivan Herrera and his readiness, but our three minor league experts all pretty much agreed that he had more work to do before he makes the jump to the majors.

The AA Springfield team isn’t as exciting, at least for now. While AA is usually the place to find a team’s best developing prospects, Springfield has more veteran and fringe players than we might expect.

I asked the guys if this represented a hole in the system or something else? Kyle indicated that it is a hole, but not because of a drafting or developmental issue. Instead, the team appears to be moving off their approach of aggressive promotion and are letting some of their young talent work their way up to challenges. AA could have an incredible team. If the young stars they have in A ball can earn their way to the level.

Peoria is where the younger wave of prospects are currently testing their goods. Tink Hence is there, along with Cooper Hjerpe, Austin Love, and Ian Bedell on the pitchign side. Jimmy Crooks and Victor Scott are names to know offensively.

Lastly, Palm Beach and the Complex League has their own prospects who are worth keeping tabs on, even if they are still a ways from the majors. A lot of our conversation centered around Leonardo Bernal, Won-Bin cho, and Brycen Mautz.

From there, it was off to your questions. If you asked a question make sure to listen for your answer!

Next up for the podcast is ......? Good question! I have thought of some ideas for guests and interviews but nothing is locked down yet. Got a subject you would like us to cover? Suggest it in the chat and we can see if we can work it in.

Have a great Saturday everyone!