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Game Thread: Cards v. Astros

No TV broadcast for today’s game.

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Is that Cooper Hjerpe’s name I see? Katie Woo of The Athletic reported that Waino and Woodford are set to go 3 innings each. Hicks and Wilking Rodriguez will appear as well. JoJo Romero is expected to make his spring debut. If you’re counting at home that’s 9 innings accounted for. If Hjerpe makes it onto the mound it will probably be because something didn’t go as planned.

Speaking of Katie Woo, she’ll be joining the writing team on the podcast tonight. We’ll publish on Saturday morning as usual. Should be a great conversation!

No TV today but it looks like there will be a radio broadcast:

Talk about the game you can’t watch. Or anything else!