Thoughts from Jupiter

The weather has been generally nice but very muggy.

Today I watched one of my favorite parts of spring training, the pitcher fielding workouts.

One group per field would practice covering first, comebackers, tags at home, and bunts. This is a pretty athletic bunch of pitchers, and in general a group of big, tall, guys. Tink Hence is a shorter guy. You could see the coach giving him a little extra attention. It was interesting seeing the different technique taught to right and left handers in making tabs at the plate.

After the pitchers went over to another field to play catch the catchers got some batting practice in

I am not sure if the drafted guy, Jimmy Crooks, was there or not. I didn’t see him, but he does not physically stand out at 6’0".

Contreras looked in great shape and cheerful. He was absolutely crushing the ball and making a lot of kids happy as they chased down the balls.

Knizner also looked good and seemed in good spirits He has a great looking swing. I am not sure why he has not quite lived up to expectations, but obviously the Cardinals think he has about hit his ceiling. He was not elevating quite as much as Contreras and hitting some nice line drives

Yesterday Wainwright and Woodcord and a few others were throwing to Carlson and Arenado. I guess the WBC guys need some work before heading out Carlson seemed to be only batting left handed.

I must say the Cardinals do a terrible job of letting fans know the practice schedule. They used to have a schedule posted you could photograph. Yesterday I was told four different start times by workers. Why can’t they post it somewhere on a website or Facebook page? (Maybe they do using some social media thing I don’t use.)