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Spring TV/Radio Schedules Released & Other News & Notes

Spring Training TV and radio schedules were released today. Plus more news and notes.

Happy Wednesday. I covered the breaking news yesterday, so no article post this morning.

I don’t want to leave you content-free, though. So, here’s Jeff Jones with the complete TV and radio broadcast schedule for Spring Training!

We’re just 10 days away from being able to watch/listen to Cardinals baseball!

(Make sure you’ve got you’re parent’s cable login all up to date, cable cutters!)

In other news, the Cardinals are set to hold their arbitration hearing with closer Ryan Helsley.

Check on Denton’s quote from Helsley in the picture.

I will never root for the Cardinals in an arbitration hearing because of that kind of thing. Go team Helsley.

Post like a champion today, Viva El Birdos.