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Cardinals Trade Tyler O’Neill to Red Sox

Look out Green Monster.

St. Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

According to multiple sources, including Jon Heyman and Derrick Goold of the Post-Distpacth, the Cardinals are trading Tyler O’Neill to the Boston Red Sox.

Information on the return took some time to come out, but Goold also confirms that the Cardinals will receive reliever Nick Robertson and prospect Victor Santos in return.

Robertson is a 24-year-old reliever who made his debut with the Dodgers this season. He was traded to the Red Sox in July. In both stops, his ERA was high — over 6.00. However, he flashed the ability to generate K’s and above-average whiff and chase rates. His overall FIP in ‘23 was just 3.88.

Robertson throws a 95 mph 4-seam fastball, a change that generated a whiff rate over nearly 37%, and a slider.

From our own Blake Newberry:

Santos is a 23-year-old starter who reached AAA in 2022. He missed all of the 2023 season with injury. (Working to confirm what the injury was.) He’s more of a control arm than a K/whiff pitcher, but has carried impressively low walk rates throughout his minor league career. Gabe informs me that Santos returned from injury to pitch in the Dominican Winter League this year and provided a 23/6 K/BB ratio and a 2.96 ERA.

Nick Robertson - Fangraphs, Baseball Savant

Victor Santos - Fangraphs

Based on my budget calculations, the Cardinals will save an estimated $5.85M against their budget by trading O’Neill. We could probably slide Robertson into Zuniga’s spot and salary on the roster. Santos will go to AAA Memphis. Newly acquired Rule 5 pick, Ryan Fernandez, will also have a chance to earn his way onto the team.

This would leave the Cardinals with a projected $165.7M budget for 2023 as of now.

We will update this story further as more information comes out.

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