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What Would You Do With $33M? (An Open Thread Discussion)

It’s an open thread. With a conversation starter.

Cincinnati Reds v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Yamamoto signed.

With the Dodgers.

For a lot of money.

It’s clear now that the Cardinals never had a chance. I’m sure they had interest in him back when there was some hope for reasonableness for a contract to a player who had never thrown a pitch in the Major Leagues. But the Dodgers left reasonableness behind awhile ago.

What they are doing in LA is not insane. To them. It’s perfectly logical to a team that can print money.

It is insane to a team like the Cardinals who is openly afraid of the risk that comes with giving any starting pitcher a long-term deal.

Today is an open thread day. You can talk about that if you want.

I, personally, think that Yamamoto to the Dodgers actually helps the Cardinals. It’s one more quality player going to the same place. That leaves the Mets and Cubs and other NL spenders scrambling over what’s left of the pitching market. There’s a really good chance that some of these teams are going to come up empty.

The Cardinals jumped the market, locking in less-than-we-desired talent to secure their rotation, and now they’re looking pretty smart to do it that way.

Yes, the Cards have to look WAY up to the Dodgers. But the Dodgers aren’t on their path to the NL Central title and the playoffs. Let the Dodgers win 120 games. I don’t care. The Cardinals have to face the Dodgers 7 times. They face everyone else 155 times. That’s 155 games where they don’t have to square off against Ohtani, Glasnow, or Yamamoto.

Yes, I’m annoyed as a fan of baseball that LA is trying to make the sport into a one-team league.

I’m ecstatic that the Cubs haven’t done squat this offseason. And they’re not alone.

So far, the NL Central has fallen back to the Cardinals. And the Cardinals still have the opportunity to get ahead, if they want.

Taking Yamamoto off the board should open up the rest of the free agent and trade markets. We know that Mozeliak is still in the hunt for relief pitching. There are plenty of intruging free agents left, even if Matsui is off the board. We know the team hasn’t ruled out adding a starter. Dylan Cease is still out there. Maybe some other clubs would be willing to move pitching for the Cardinals’ excess offense.

We know, according to Katie Woo, that the club has around a $200M budget for Opening Day. I projected a $192M number. That gives you something like $33M left to spend this offseason.

Ignore what the Cardinals have said they want to do. You’re in control now. How would you spend the team’s remaining $33M?

It’s a Christmas spending spree! Go crazy, folks.

And have a very merry Christmas celebration with your family and friends!