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VEB Podcast: The Cardinals Sign Lynn & Gibson


The Cardinals have added two pitchers!

The whole site is DOOM!’ing (yes, the ‘ing goes after the exclamation point.)

And the writing team is podcasting!

Adam and Blake joined me last night for an emergency edition of the VEB podcast. We wanted to get some thorough content out to you before you head out on your Thanksgiving travels! Hopefully, this episode will add some umph to your Thanksgiving Hot Stove arguments. (Try explaining the difference between K/9 and K% to your crazy uncle.) And it will definitely put a little joy and glad tidings in your upcoming Christmas season.

That’s right! We didn’t pull any punches in our analysis of the Cardinals' moves so far. We break down some of the reasons for Lance Lynn’s down season in ‘23. Blake goes through his content from Tuesday’s article, which you can read here. Adam and I discuss the relative value of 1 0-1.5 fWAR pitcher providing 180 innings for $10M versus an aggregate of starters providing the same production and innings for the league minimum.

We then turn to Kyle Gibson. Since we’ve largely ignored him on the site, I provide a quick and dirty breakdown of his profile. He’s a contact pitcher with a high ground ball rate, low walks and low K’s. Not to give away one of my punchlines, but if Marcus Stroman is Dr. Pepper and Steven Matz is Dr. Thunder — credit to the Cardinals’ Off Day Ben’s for the analogies — then Kyle Gibson is whatever Dr. Pepper knock-off you can get at Sam’s. (Adam offered Vess drinks, but I actually think Vess is so retro bad it should now be cool again and that’s definitely a future topic for an article.)

Generally speaking we all kind of like Gibson, or are at least fine with him as the team’s #5 starter. Except that’s not what he is. It’s the combination of Lynn and Gibson, with the declining Mikolas and the oft-injured Matz that make him less-than-desirable. The Cardinals now have four starters and instead of three of them being better than my Mikolas projection — my “master plan” article goals — none of them are.

We then take a look at the team’s budget and I’ll have more on that Saturday.

We end by discussing what we think the club will do next. That’s where the podcast takes a turn in tone. We end on a high note as all of us believe the Lynn and Gibson signings indicate the team’s desire to push all-in on one of two moves: trading for Tyler Glasnow or signing Yamamoto.

Yes, we’re serious. The Cardinals’ moves make the most sense if you presume that they are pushing everything into Yamamoto. Let’s just go ahead and presume that’s the case and really enjoy our holidays!

As always you can watch or listen right here on the site. If you’re traveling, you can take us with you. Our podcast is available through most of the major podcasting outlets.

Or, if you’re sitting around the tele after dinner with grandpa and your great aunt Tessy, just Smartcast us straight from YouTube. Who wants another Detroit Lions game, anyway? I’m sure the whole family would rather watch your favorite VEB writers. We’re fun for the whole family.

Audio Podcast (Apple Podcast Link)

YouTube Video

Happy Thanksgiving, Viva El Birdos!