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VEB Podcast: GM Meetings Q&A

The VEB writing team gathers to discuss the latest news from the GM Meetings and take listener questions!

Happy Saturday, Viva El Birdos!

The writing team — minus Adam — was back for another episode of the VEB Podcast. This time we’re reacting to the rumors and reporting coming out of the GM Meetings. The Meetings, though cut short because of a virus, offered us our first opportunity to hear from President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak since before the end of the season.

His comments created a bit of buzz about the current market for starters, the team’s spending budget and the number of starters the Cardinals are considering. We take some time at the beginning of the pod parsing Tweets from reporter John Denton and articles from the Post-Dispatch’s Derrick Goold. In the end, we don’t feel much has changed. There are a lot of teams looking for pitching, so competition will be fierce. The Cards, though, still want at least two starters and will pursue a third, depending on who they are able to lock up. They will look at bullpen arms, but that is a lower priority.

After dealing with the news of the day, we turn our attention to your questions! We had a nice response from the site and spent about 35 minutes answering (pretty much) every question that you asked. Thanks for contributing. And thanks even more for listening!

As always, you can catch the podcast right here on the site. Audio is also available through your favorite podcast outlet. Video is available through YouTube. If you enjoyed this podcast — we think we’re getting pretty good at this — then like and subscribe in your favorite place. A five-star review on Apple Podcasts and YouTube would be nice as well.

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The podcast will take a break until after Thanksgiving. Then our plans are a little up in the air. We know we’ll have ESPN 101’s Brandon Kiley on at some point this fall. And we hope to have a team reporter join us around the Winter Meetings. The breaking news and information will dictate the schedule, but rest assured, we will have you covered!