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VEB Podcast: 2023 Season Review

The gang is back to review a painful (and now over) 2023 season.

Good morning, Viva El Birdos!

The VEB writing team of Heather, Blake, Gabe, Adam, and I gathered via Zoom on Monday evening to talk about what everyone wants to forget about: the 2023 season. Our season review episode is up for you to watch or listen.

What do we have for you? First, we reviewed 4-5 of the main issues that went wrong this season, ranging from sequencing to pitching performance to injuries and even, the word of the 2023 season, sequencing. Then it was on to the positive. And their were some, even if we had to add caveats and disclaimers to them. It seemed that everything went right for the Cardinals also sort of went wrong for them at the same time. What a weird year.

The core content for the show is a position-group-by-position group performance review. We break down some of the key contributors on the infield, outfield, and pitching staffs, covering pretty much everyone that mattered this season. What happened to Nolan Arenado? Why did Paul Goldschmidt’s performance decline despite impressive Statcast metrics? Who hit the ball better - Dylan Carlson or Tyler O’Neill? You get the idea.

At the end of the podcast, we were able to cover a few questions from you all here on the site. Most of your questions we answered in our conversation, but I tried to make sure almost everyone got a shoutout.

As always, you can listen and watch right here on the site. Or take the podcast with you through your favorite podcasting app. You can find us on Google and Apple podcasts, plus most other preferred outlets.

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Next up for the VEB podcast is a minor league season review. Gabe, Blake, and Adam will be there to provide content. I’ll be there to hit record and ask questions. Watch for that in a few weeks.