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VEB Podcast: Minor League Season Review

The site’s minor league writers talk about the Cardinals system, handing out awards and building a position-by-position depth chart.

The Viva El Birdos writing team is back for another episode of the VEB Podcast! This time we are reviewing what was a pretty decent minor league season down on the Cardinals’ farm. At least on the hitting side. Several hitters made significant strides this season, including Masyn Winn and Ivan Herrera. The pitching got a lot better after an influx of new talent at the trade deadline.

We approached this episode from the perspective of a depth chart, going position-by-position to identify and discuss the players who are most likely to impact the MLB roster both now and down the road.

As you watch or listen, we would recommend following along by using Fangraph’s Roster Resource Depth Chart. We used it as a guideline for our conversation and it could help you see where the players we discuss sit in the org, and other talent around them that didn’t make our discussion.

As always you can listen and watch right here on the site. The podcast link is below. It’s also available through most major podcasting outlets. Video is available through YouTube if you want to watch me stare away from the camera at the Fangraphs page I had on my TV. I’m sure that’s riveting television. The content, though, is worth it.

Audio Podcast

YouTube Video

The VEB Podcast will return in three weeks, right around the time of the General Manager Meetings. By then we will have some non-tenders and roster moves to discuss, and we’ll dig into offseason predictions, possible moves, trade rumors, etc. We’re hoping to have a special guest join us to add to the discussion.