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Labor Day Weekend Open Thread (Suggested Topic: Best Team Since...)

It’s Sunday morning. Let’s chat!

Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Another weekend morning, another weekend Open Thread!

Since it’s me and I can’t help but write words when I don’t have to, you get your Open Thread with a suggested topic. And that topic is whatever I happen to be thinking about!

Today, with the Cardinals cruising past the Cubs again and (as of this writing) the Diamondbacks ahead of the Brewers, it’s got me wondering just how good this 2022 Cardinals team is.

It’s the best team since [fill in your answer here].

This sounds like a great idea for an article here in a few weeks. For now, though, I’ll offer some off-the-cuff thoughts and let you all take it from there.

I think the best answer is 2013. That team won 97 games and went to the World Series. Like this team, it had some must-watch material down the stretch. Back then it was Michael Wacha’s debut and Adam Wainwright’s Cy Young contending performance. It was a very good team.

I think this team — with Waino, Molina, and Pujols, plus a player chasing a Triple Crown, and two legitimate MVP candidates — is more interesting. Maybe not better overall than the 2013 team. That could make for some good debate below. But it’s definitely more interesting.

It’s certainly not better than 2011, just because of how 2011 ended.

The only other club to consider is probably 2015. Even though this team won’t reach the win total of the 2015 Cardinals, I think this club is better. Definitely more enjoyable. And more storylines.

Debate away! Or talk about anything else that you want to discuss! The thread is yours now.

Happy Sunday Viva El Birdos!