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Albert Pujols is fourth on the career home runs list and there is a t-shirt about it.

And you can buy it if you want.

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Available at Breaking T

As you are all aware I am sure, SB Nation has a partnership with Breaking T. Breaking T is officially licensed with the MLBPA and creates licensed products for fans. They work with teams and sometimes directly with athletes on product launches.

Full transparency here: because SB Nation is partnered with them, if you do decide to shop for something and use our affiliate link, I earn a small commission off what you purchased.

If you are like me you might have noticed some of the players wearing those “Wainwright/Molina ‘22” shirts. Turns out those are from Breaking T. I’ve been wanting one all season and had no idea that was where I could find them. So I wanted write a post to let everyone know that the newest designs are out featuring Albert Pujols hitting his 700th career home run. (I quite like the one that shows Pujols as fourth on the all-time homer list.) If you start seeing some players wearing these, now you will know how to get them for yourself if you want!

Available at Breaking T

If you want to read more about Albert Pujols’s 700th homer, J.P. Hill wrote a very comprehensive breakdown for us.

The Anatomy of 700 | J.P. Hill | Viva El Birdos

And if you want to watch Albert Pujols chugging a water bottle of mystery drink, @cardinalsgifs has you covered.