Viva Albertos shirts!

It's the mishearing sensation of the season! Tommy Phanatic's Future Wife thought "Viva El Birdos" was "Viva Albertos" and with The Machine on a tear, the rest is history.

The Viva Albertos shirt store is live!

If you have issues with the Spring website, try this instead:

I took a Pujols swing and silhouetted it in red and white with a stylized "Viva Albertos" above and below the triumphant bat. I am not a graphic designer. Men's and women's shirts as well as women's tank tops are available in white, heather grey, red, and navy. If you want a different product, let me know! ***Added youth shirts, though no red shirts are available. :( ***

The shirts are offered through (formerly TeeSpring) which seemed the easiest way to print and distribute these. Each product is listed $4-5 above the base price. All profits will be donated to Cardinals Care, for the kids!