Sim Team Trade Proposal

Good evening Cardinals fans!

So, a little bit of background of what I did here: I made a simulated organization off of post-lockout free agents, waiver claims and minor league contract signings off of a $70 million major league budget going into this season. As you can imagine, the overall Pythagorean win% wasn't anything great, and seeing as how we haven't even had a draft, it makes sense for us to sell, as we have a number of rentals who are performing well.

There are two guys who I were thinking that the Cardinals may have some level of interest in. Both of whom are starting pitchers. Johnny Cueto and All-Star Tyler Anderson. Both guys have been great this season and have relatively minimal salary commitments for the remainder of the season. I know that the Cardinals have been struggling in terms of the rotation. I figure acquiring both of these guys would be a big help against the Brewers.

In return for two of my top starters, I would request prospect Gordon Graceffo, taxi-squad starter Jake Woodford and reliever T.J. McFarland (and his remaining salary).

So, would you, as Cardinals fans, accept Tyler Anderson and Johnny Cueto for Gordon Graceffo, Jake Woodford and T.J. McFarland? Feel free to comment counter proposals.