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VEB Pod: MLB Draft Review w/ Big Jawn Mize

Scout and VEB regular “Big Jawn Mize” joins the VEB Podcast to breakdown the Cardinals’ picks in the 2022 MLB Draft.

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The MLB Draft is in the books and, as promised, our own “Big Jawn Mize” — commenter and scout from right here on the site — is joining us to break it down!

Here are their picks for the first ten rounds with slot values, per Keith Law at the Athletic:

Cardinals draft picks with top-10 round slot values

Round 1, Pick No. 22: Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Oregon State ($3,180,600)

Round 2, Pick No. 59: Brycen Mautz, LHP, University of San Diego ($1,245,600)

Round 3, Pick No. 97: Pete Hansen, P, Texas ($629,500)

Round 4, Pick No. 127: Jimmy Crooks III, C, Oklahoma ($470,100)

Round 5, Pick No. 157: Victor Scott II, OF, West Virginia ($350,200)

Round 6, Pick No. 187: Max Rajcic, RHP, UCLA ($270,500)

Rd. 7, Pick No. 217: Alex Iadisernia, OF, Elon University ($211,800)

Rd. 8, Pick No. 247: Cade Winquest, RHP, University of Texas — Arlington ($174,500)

Round 9, Pick No. 277: Joseph King, RHP, California ($159,000)

Round 10, Pick No. 307: Tanner Jacobson, RHP, Queens University of Charlotte (NC) ($150,500)

Big Jawn and I talk about picks 1-6 and dig into the approach the Cardinals took this draft. Did they specifically target left pitchers with a low arm slot? How does that lack of a “downward plane” affect their approach? What kind of velocity might we expect these pitchers to gain with professional strength training?

We cover that and more! As always, you can listen or watch right here on the site!

(We are working to have the podcasts up for subscription on all the major podcast outlets and that should be coming very soon! They are already available through Google.)

Listen and download the podcast here:

Watch the podcast through YouTube:

I want to give a special THANK YOU to Big Jawn for joining us and lending us his expertise. If you liked this podcast, let us know in the comments. We’re hoping to have a large variety of content for you to consume.