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VEB Podcast: Blogger Day

The VEB Podcast is back! Blake, Scooter & JP break down the Q&A with John Mozeliak from the Cardinals’ Blogger Day event.

It’s back!

The VEB Podcast, that is.

On Saturday, July 16th, the Cardinals hosted their annual “Blogger Day” event at Busch. Bloggers, podcasters, and content creators gathered in a party suite for a Q&A with John Mozeliak, some incredible food, and a Cardinals victory over the Reds.

Of course, VEB was there, including Josey Curtis, Scooter Simon, Blake Newberry, and me, J.P. Hill. It was awesome to finally get to shake hands and talk face-to-face with friends I really only know from the internet.

After the event, Blake, Scooter, and Jason hopped online to talk about the event and review the Q&A with Mo. He was surprisingly candid, engaging, and revealing! The three of us break it all down for you and then talk about what we hope to see during this week’s MLB draft and the All-Star game.

It’s our first podcast in years and it’s packed full of interesting conversation! Give it a listen or watch — both audio and video formats are available. You can watch and download them right here.

Audio Podcast:

Youtube Video:

The podcasts are available on YouTube now and you’ll be able to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google, and other podcast outlets as soon as we can get everything set up. It takes a little time for those to trickle out, so thanks in advance for your patience!

We will have another podcast coming later this week when our own Big Jawn Mize joins my “Saturday Singles” pod to talk about the Cardinals’ draft picks. It should be awesome!