An "expert's" view of the Rays players' protest against inclusion

Sorry again for my role in hijacking the previous thread, but Jack Flaherty's comments made the anti-gay protest by the TB Ray's players fair game for comment. While I'll always love and appreciate Jack Flaherty for being a straight ally and taking the time to speak up for something that doesn't directly impact him, I thought it might be worthwhile to read the perspective of an expert.

The article below is about Bryan Ruby, the only professional baseball player who is open about being gay. He gives his perspective on the "religious" objections by a handful of TB Rays' players before their Pride Night celebration. His is a unique perspective, from inside the machine.

There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of LGBTQ professional players in the majors and minors who are afraid to come out and be open and honest about who they are. The actions of those players in TB are a large part of the reason why.

If anyone has any discussion around this man's comments, I'd love to hear it.