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An Open Thread for June 28th, 2022

Let’s talk about the pitching

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, folks. Right now, I think there are a few main topics for discussion, and they all revolve around the pitching. Jack Flaherty has been placed on the injured list again. I’ll touch on it more in my updated transaction article that should be released soon, but I think the news that he has a dead arm is actually much better than alternative news than we could have received about his arm. I’m going to predict that we will see Jack pitch again this season, and that if we do make the playoffs, he will be in the Cardinal rotation. Agree? And what do you all make of the rumblings on his rehab plan being cut short, together with the implications that there might have been some information withheld that affected how long that rehab assignment lasted.

Secondly, it’s about 30 days until the trade deadline. You think the Cards will just grab Liberatore and rely on him and Pallante until Jack and Matz come back. Should the club go out and grab a starter? And if so, what starter out there is not only available, but would realistically move the needle while simultaneously not costing us an arm and a leg in prospect value that could come back to bite the club in later years.

Discuss amongst yourselves, and I’ll see you later tonight.