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Saturday Singles: VEB Writers Cardinals June Review!

Blake Newberry joins J. P. Hill for a June review of the Cardinals’ offense, pitching, and postseason chances!

Happy Saturday!

Our first Saturday Single went great last week when we had Kyle Reis on to talk Jordan Walker.

This week we’re back. VEB writer Blake Newberry joins me to do a little post-Flag Day Cardinals review. The club is over the 1/3rd mark. They are getting healthy. Where do they stand with their offense, pitching, and in comparison to the rest of the NL?

Both Blake and myself are pretty optimistic... which is to be expected after playing the weak NL Central for a seven-game homestand!

Even as the competition gets a little tougher, there is plenty to be excited about.

As always, you can listen or watch right here on Viva El Birdos. The podcast link is below. You can also find it through Google Podcasts and hopefully on Apple Podcasts soon. (They are slooooooowwwww to approve new podcasts.) Here’s the audio format:

If you prefer video, we have you covered too! Subscribe to the Saturday Singles channel over at YouTube and you’ll never miss an update. You can watch us right here.

Thanks as always for reading. And listening! And watching!

Next Saturday maybe I’ll be back with a normal article. Maybe not. I like doing podcasts. Either way, we’ll have the content for you. Enjoy your weekend.