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Saturday Singles: Kyle Reis on Jordan Walker

Kyle Reis joins VEB’s “Saturday Singles” to discuss Jordan Walker’s hit tool and why he might be a fit in centerfield.

Welcome to our first “Saturday Singles”!

A few weeks ago we experimented with using podcasts in this space and the response was very positive! I joined in with Daniel Shoptaw on “Meet Me At Musial” and a lot of you listened. The results were overwhelming and encouraging!

So we’re trying it again, this time with our own original content.

“Saturday Singles” will be a short-form podcast (between 10-20 minutes) where we’ll talk to about interesting and fun topics with other Cardinal writers, commentators, and analysts.

These will be a lot like an article in verbal form. We’ll have a very narrow focus that will dig into pretty deeply. Most of these concepts will come out of our conversations here at VEB in the comments sections of our articles.

This week’s first episode is a great example. On Wednesday I wrote about Jordan Walker and how he compares with other elite Cardinals’ prospects — Oscar Taveras and Dylan Carlson.

Two questions came out of that discussion:

  1. Why does Fangraphs have Jordan Walker rated with a 25/50 hit tool and how does that reconcile with what we are seeing in his play and his stats?
  2. Why does Kyle think that Walker could find his way to center field with the Cardinals?

Kyle’s got a lot to say on those subjects and a few more!

You can download or listen to the whole podcast here:

Or, if you prefer, we have a video option! I have a substantial background in video production and editing, so I thought we would try a video format of the same content. You can watch right here on VEB or over at the “Saturday Singles” YouTube channel.

It will take some time but soon enough the podcast will be available from Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and just about all the other podcast outlets. Like it and subscribe!

We won’t have new episodes every week, but we’ll do so relatively frequently as questions and concepts arise!

And let me know what you think about this format! This was our first attempt so if you have issues or something doesn’t work the way it should let me know so we can adjust going forward.

Happy Saturday listening (or watching)!