So uhhh… is Albert Pujols returning to the St. Louis Cardinals?


Did you all see that Will Smith thing at the Oscars? That was really weird right? It gave me really bad secondhand embarrassment and I’ve been having trouble sleeping. My mind has been racing all night. As it turns out, the universe had a plan.

You see, if I had fallen peacefully asleep I would’ve missed John Denton of reporting that Albert Pujols has signed a one-year $2.5 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. You might recall that Pujols had spent 11 years with the Cardinals, winning two championships in 2006 and 2011 before signing a 10 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels and spent the last half of 2021 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rumors have been swirling about a possible return to St. Louis for the former MVP, but honestly I didn’t think it would happen.

I don’t think I am getting any sleep tonight.