Commenter's Top Prospect List

I have a spreadsheet of the major prospect lists, and since we won't have Aaron's this year (presumably), I thought we could make one.

I'll post my stab below, and then we can all adjust it as we want. I'm not married to anything on it, and I'm not particularly good at lists. We'll see if we can do this in the contents, and then we'll hopefully do at least a paragraph on everyone at some point. we can post it as a series of Fanposts after we reach our agreements.

My approach was to think about which players I wouldn't want to lose. So Gorman is ahead of Walker because if I had to leave one to an expansion team, I'd keep Gorman because he is closer to the majors. Similarly, I have Baez ahead of Burleson, even though Burleson is closer to the majors. I think Baez has (at this point) a higher enough ceiling that I'd let Burleson go to keep Baez.

1 nolan gorman
2 Matthew Liberatore
3 Jordan Walker
4 Ivan Herrera
5 Masyn Winn
6 Michael McGreevy
7 Juan Yepez
8 Alec Burleson
9 Malcom Nunez
10 Zack Thompson
11 Brendan Donovan
12 Joshua Baez
13 Ryan Holgate
14 Connor Thomas
15 Angel Rondon
16 Andre Pallante
17 Austin Love
18 Connor Lunn
19 Gordon Graceffo
20 Inohan Paniagua
21 Patrick Romeri
22 Luken Baker
23 Jack Ralston
24 Jose Davila
25 Dionys Rodriguez
26 Jeremy Rivas
27 Delvin Perez
28 Markevian Hence
29 Alec Willis
30 Ian Bedell