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A Friday Open Thread

Come discuss Willson Contreras, or the hot stove, or whatever else you want.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t have anything scheduled for you today here at VEB, but we won’t leave you empty handed. Come discuss whatever suits your fancy! Here’s a quick recap of the big news today.

Willson Contreras is officially a St. Louis Cardinal! Here’s what he looks like in Cardinal red:

He also wrote a piece for the Player’s Tribune about his decision to join the Cardinals. I highly recommend that you read it.

Also, Brandon Nimmo got an 8-year, $162 million contract from the Mets as the NL East continues to shell out the cash. The contracts are crazy this winter and after each passing one I am more and more content with the terms of the Contreras deal.

That’s all the news we have for today. I won’t be providing any discussion topics, but I don’t think I’ll need to with the hot stove in full swing. Discuss whatever you want amongst yourselves.

The writing team will be back this weekend with full length articles for your reading pleasure.