Greatest Gifs Vol I - 2017

Little did I know

You Asked For It

Well, like one or two of you asked me to post my "best-of" gifs. Who am I to ignore those voices? My plan is to provide a chunk each month until the regular season starts. Hey, they'll give you something else to stare at besides outside the window waitin' for spring.


Humble Beginnings

I started lurking at VEB in 2010-2011 but didn't create an account and start commenting until 2012. Back then, I had no inclination of making gifs and would not have had any idea how to do so. At some point thereafter, I tried my hand at it.

While I think I posted some before 2017, those are lost in the ether. The oldest gifs I have on record in my Imgur account are from 2017. So there you go.

Over the past six years, I estimate I've posted somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 gifs, give or take. That's an average of about 330 or so a year (with more skewed toward the latter years).
What the hell have I done with my life?

Best of 2017

I use "best" here very loosely. This first year, I did not add something to every gif, and when I did, it was pretty minimal. So no VEB logos, no faces of players/managers/front office folks here. The fact that I only picked five out of a couple hundred should tell you something. But these still made me chuckle. Gotta start somewhere.

#1 Reason You'll Miss Yadi


We Shoulda Noticed Carp's Degrading Hand-Eye Coordination


Matty Bowman's Din-o-Mite Mascot Impression aGMUidO.0.gif

Lance's Special Day


Rally Cat