End of Year Commenter Top 30

I thought this was a good time to start taking stock of the Cards' system. Thought lists have all sorts of problems, they are a staple, and this is a chance to create one.

Of course, The Red Baron and the Future Redbird team used to take care of this stuff. Now, things are even more democratic. Below, I'll paste my initial Top 30.

Then let the debate begin.

1 Jordan Walker
2 Masyn Winn
3 Gordon Graceffo
4 Ivan Herrera
5 Alec Burleson
6 Tink Hence
7 Matthew Liberatore
8 Zack Thompson
9 Michael McGreevy
10 Joshua Baez
11 Cooper Hjerpe
12 Leonardo Bernal
13 Jonathan Mejia
14 Jimmy Crooks
15 Austin Love
16 Inohan Paniagua
17 Connor Thomas
18 Dionys Rodriguez
19 Moises Gomez
20 Ian Bedell
21 Alec Willis
22 Freddy Pacheco
23 Ryan Loutos
24 JJ Romero
25 Jake Walsh
26 Mike Antico
27 Pedro Pages
28 Pete Hanson
29 Victor Scott II
30 Zane Mills