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Open Thread

Morning Cards fans!

I’m still traveling. I have gorged on BBQ. Watched my Chiefs roll over the hapless Jaguars. And then sat through meetings for four days; meetings that continue today and are keeping me from providing you with the excellent content that you are so used to.


I don’t even have a topic for you today, as I feel incredibly disconnected from all things Cardinals as I hang out in Royals country.

Things I would talk about today if I could:

  • Anthony Rizzo, who might have been a key target for the Cardinals as a LH DH/1B option re-upped with the Yankees. Scratch him off your list.
  • The World Cup is starting soon and the US Men’s National Team has their first match coming up soon. Do you care? You should. The World Cup is always a spectacle.
  • Which of the Toronto catchers would you want to trade for? I really thought that Alejandro Kirk was older than he is. I’m pretty open to any of the three but I still think Danny Jansen is the most likely.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got as my meetings are about to start.

The rest is up to you. Post like a champion today, Viva El Birdos.