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Adam Wainwright will return.

(to the Cardinals in 2023).

World Series Game 5: Detroit Tigers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Aannnd there it is: the news we have been speculating about... all season? At least since September and definitely since the season ended. The news has broke that Adam Wainwright will return to the Cardinals in 2023.

My official stance on this was that I thought he might retire — simply because it seemed like the team was acting like he was going to retire — but would not be surprised if he returned for another season. Waino strikes me as the type of guy that wants to leave on top and I do not think he felt satisfied with how his season ended to make that the capper to his career.

As for predications I don’t see Waino being bad in 2023. I think he will be at worst cromulent. I would like nothing more than Waino to pull an Albert Pujols and light up the league like it is 2009. I won’t bet on that, but I will quietly hope for it. Adam Wainwright has earned his graceful ride into the sunset, whenever it is he chooses to take it.

The story just broke so all we really know is Waino is returning. I will try to keep the post updated with more information as we learn it! Here is a clip of Adam Wainwright striking out Carlos Beltran in the game 7 of the 2006 NLCS to hold us over until then.