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VEB Podcast: 2022 Positional Grades

The writing team breaks down the 2022 Cardinals by position group with grades and thoughts for ‘23.

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs - Game One Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The Cardinals’ season is over.

Their postseason is over.

Just like that we are off to off-season content and I don’t think any of us are particularly happy about it.

Before we jump into transactions, payroll, player acquisition predictions and hot stove chatter, let’s close out the 2022 Cardinals with some grades!

The writing team is back — Blake, Gabe, Heather, Mike, and I — to break down the infield, catcher, outfield, starting rotation, and bullpen.

Overall the grades are pretty high. The club did, after all, win 93 games and took the division by a comfortable margin.

The difficulty is figuring out what part of the season to grade. Nearly every positional group looked completely different at the end of the season than it did at the start.

Take shortstop. Paul DeJong was the deFacto starter there to enter the season. He imploded and his career is on the brink. That’s an F. But Tommy Edman came in to play elite defense at short while providing above-average offense. That’s an A+.

All that change makes for a lot of conversation, so pull out your comfy chair for this one. It’s perfect for that weekend drive to grandma’s house.

As always, you can listen right here on the site through streaming audio or watch through the embedded video.

Here’s the podcast audio:

Here’s the video from YouTube:

Disagree with us? Provide your own grades in the comments section! We would love to hear from you.

Happy Saturday, Viva El Birdos!