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VEB Podcast: The Cardinals Clinch the Central

The Cardinals have clinched the NL Central. The VEB writers look back on an incredible season and ahead to the postseason.

Happy Saturday, Viva El Birdos!

The Cardinals have clinched the NL Central! The VEB writers got together on Wednesday night to talk about it.

In this podcast episode, we cover the ups and downs (mostly the ups) of the 2022 and the history that was made this year. With the final seasons of Pujols and Molina, Wainwright’s last hurray with those two, and the MVP-caliber performances from Goldy and Arenado, this was one for the books.

Now the postseason looms.

How should the Cardinals use their remaining games? Play the hot hands? Get their most talented players hot?

How should they set their roster up for the postseason? Who should get the starts in the Wild Card round? Who should pay in the outfield?

We also spend some time speculating on Wild Card opponents and who we would like to see in the first round of playoffs. (Spoiler alert: it’s the Brewers.)

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