Cards' Pitching Depth by Age

It is easy to look at a teams depth by level, but I've made a table looking at depth by age. This shows how players will roll through their prime years, 25-30. Some make it to the show earlier, but they should mostly peak in their prime. Here is the pitching section.

2021 Age

Pitcher (highest level)

Pitcher (highest level)

Pitcher (highest level)

Pitcher (highest level)


Genesis Cabrera (MLB)

Jordan Hicks (MLB)

Jake Woodford (MLB)

Junior Fernandez (MLB)


Johann Oviedo (MLB)

Zack Thompson (AAA)

Angel Rondon (MLB)

Connor Thomas (AAA)


Andre Pallante (AAA)

Austin Love (FCL)

Wilfredo Pereira (A+)

Connor Lunn (A+)


Matthew Liberatore (AAA)

Gordon Graceffo (A)

Inohan Paniagua (A)

Ian Bedell (A+)


Michael McGreevy (A)

Dionys Rodriguez (A)

Zane Mills (FCL)

Nathaniel Heredia (A+)


Edwin Nunez (A)

Angel Cuenca (A)

Ludwin Jimenez (A+)

Tyler Statler (FCL)


Tink Hence (FCL)

Alec Willis (FCL)

Jose Davila (A)

Yordy Richard (A)

In a perfect world, all four players do great from each age. Of course injuries, transactions, and failures get in the way. Still, the Cards seem to like to add a rookie SP each year, but they usually seem wary of adding 2. They always like to add new bullpen arms. You'd like to see 50% of these guys (2 a year, basically) be contributors to the big club. It will be interesting to watch it vary over the years. Some day I'll have to look up what it would have looked like 5 years ago. Of course the club gets to add arms to account for the higher failure rate at younger ages, too.