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In 2011 the Cardinals won the World Series - A Hunt and Peck

In 2021 they celebrate the 10-year anniversary.

San Diego Padres v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

Hey remember the 2011 World Series? It was a pretty good one, especially if you were a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. In fact, that entire month leading into the postseason was pretty fun. The Cardinals went 18-8 in September, caught the Braves who went 9-18 during that month, and overtook them on the final game of the season with a big win over the Houston Astros and a brutal, 13-inning loss to the Philadelphia Phillies by the Braves. I cannot believe it has been ten years already — most of the players from that team have moved on or retired or are Adam Wainwright or Yadier Molina (and technically Matt Carpenter). I still remember it all so clearly!

In honor of the ten-year anniversary the Cardinals celebrated the 2011 team with a video montage and an invitation to the game on Saturday. David Freese threw out the first pitch to Ozzie Smith and was featured on a bobblehead. The Cardinals won the game and the series and are in the second Wild Card playoff spot with their highest playoff odds of the season. It was a great weekend, so let’s look at some of the highlights!

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