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Viva El Birdos... At night

Let’s talk baseball.

It is September and there is baseball to watch.

The St. Louis Cardinals have made it a race to the finish. In an season that has been a series of ups and downs, the playoff odds of the team seemingly changing by the minute, the Cardinals are playing meaningful games in October. Sometimes that is all you can ask for.

(I’d like them to make the playoffs though, too. Let’s get a little greedy, right?)

The Cardinals are in the second Wild Card playoff spot, just one game above the San Diego Padres and 1.5 games ahead of the Cincinnati Reds. There are 17 games left.

Tonight there are a few games of note:

The Cincinnati Reds faced the Pittsburgh Pirates this afternoon, wining 1-0.

The San Diego Padres are playing the San Francisco Giants. They are winning as of my writing this.

The Philadelphia Phillis face the Chicago Cubs this evening at 5:05 pm CT.

It is September and there is baseball to watch. In the meantime, there is a cool article about Wainwright in the New York Times.

In an Era of Throwers, Adam Wainwright Is a Pitcher | The New York Times