Some PMB A ball pitching information

Let’s look at a Humperdink handful of pitchers down in Palm Beach. I’ve picked Yordy Richard, Jose Davila, Dionys Rodriguez, Inohan Paniagua, Michael McGreevy, and Gordon Graceffo. Those of you with young children probably also think of The Gruffalo every time you see Gordon Graceffo.

Yordy Richard, a right hander, is in his age-18 season. He’s pitched between PMD the complex. He throws a four-seam fastball, a change, and a slider. His fastball sits 93.5 and hits 95. He hasn’t had great results in PMB, but his xFIP is ok (4.5 ish) and his cFIP is 99. In 2019, he was 16 in the DSL, so getting 14 innings in A ball is not bad. He’s had 40 innings in the complex, obviously with better results. Richard is 6’1" and 195 according to FG.

Jose Davila is also in his age 18 season. He’s 6’3" and 177 pounds and RH. He’s only thrown 8 innings in PMB and 35 in the complex. He throws a fastball, curve, and a change. His fastball peaks at just over 96. He’s a few months younger than Richard, and his results have been worse. Still, the potential looks good. He throws hard, he’s got room to grow and is already tall. He’s had a taste of PMB at 18. He also signed in 2019 for $475,000, so he’s one to watch.

Dionys Rodriguez is older, all of 20 years old in A ball. He’s 6’0" 188 pounds and RH. He’s got a shiny 3.06 FIP and 31% K rate over 52 innings. He throws a fastball, change, and a slider. He sits 93.6 on the fastball, reaching 95.8. Even at 20, he’s still 2 years younger than the average A ball pitcher. He is getting good results and keeping his walks down, which hopefully bodes well for him.

Next we have an old man – Inohan Paniagua is 21. FG has him at 6’1" 148 pounds (yikes) and he’s a righty. I’m a fan of Paniagua. He was hurt a lot this year, or else I think he’d have gone to Peoria. Since he was hurt, he’s mostly come out of the bullpen, but he did start the year in the rotation. He’s only thrown 37 innings, but he’s been good in them with a 33% K rate and 9% walk rate. What’s fun is he throws a lot of pitches, apparently. He throws a 4-seamer 28% of the time, getting up to 95, and sitting over 93. He throws a sinker a third of the time and it can hit 94.4. He rarely throws his change (6%), but he throws a slider 22% of the time. Then he throws a split finger 9.3% of the time. There may be some categorization errors there, but it is at least interesting.

Another 21 year old, Gordon Graceffo, is pitching really well in PMB. The Red Baron mentioned that Graceffo was too good for A ball, and it looks that way. Graceffo is a 6’4" 220 pound righty. He’s thrown 19 innings over 8 games, 1 start. (Shildt would consider that a full season for Ponce de Leon). Graceffo is throwing four pitches, fastball (94/97), change, curve, and slider. According to Brain Walton, those curves are likely manipulated sliders. Graceffo strikes out a third of batters and walks 6%. He was a successful starter at Villanova, and the Cards drafted him in the 5th round.

Finally, let’s look at the 1 inning performance of first rounder Michael McGreevy. McGreevy is in his age 20 year, which is young for a college pitcher. In his inning, he threw four seamers, a change up and a slider. The fastball reached 95.1, but averaged 93.1. Between the Complex and A ball, he’s faced 15 batters and struck 5 of them out. I don’t know if it is quite as good as Wacha’s debut, but it is a fine start.

Anyway, thanks for making it this far. I’m not a scout and I haven’t seen much of these guys throwing (which doesn’t matter because, as I said, I’m not a scout). The pitching stats for PMB have not been impressive. I know some will say I’m putting lipstick on a pig. Still, it is a young club. The league average age is 22 for pitchers (per BR). PMB has had 35 guys throw a pitch including position players, rehabbers, etc. 28 of those guys are 22 or younger.

As grim as the mid-levels have looked. There are some potential arms in A ball. Davila and Richard will probably repeat A ball next year, but they might get an in-season promotion. They could hit AA in their age 21 or 22 seasons, which is a good sign. Paniagua, McGreevy, and Graceffo could be in AA at some point in 2022. I’m not sure about Dionys.

Also, I gather information from several sites, and you should consider joining them too - I subscribe to BP, BA, FG, and TCN. BR is a great resource too.