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The St. Louis Cardinals are forever playing the Pittsburgh Pirates

another pirates preview

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals
how i feel when i finally get to write a non-pirates preview after writing 100 of them
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates are opposing each other for what feels like the thirtieth time this month. stlcardsfan4 just wrote a pretty comprehensive preview last week and lo and behold the matchups are exactly the same this series. The only difference is the Cardinals will also face Wil Crowe. Here is what I said about Crowe in my preview from August 10:

Wil Crowe has struggled this season... He has only one pitch with a negative run value and that is his changeup. His 4-seamer has been one of the least valuable in baseball this season with a positive 13 run value. The batting average against his 4-seamer is .308 and the slugging percentage is .604. Looking at his location map it is not hard to see why there has been trouble.

So because I am lazy and because I don’t feel like writing the same thing again, I am just going to spam this post with highlights from the previous times these teams have played. Hopefully that is okay!

But first, the matchups:

Tuesday, August 26 at 6:05 pm CT: Miles Mikolas vs. Mitch Keller
Friday, August 28 at 6:05 pm CT: J.A. Happ vs. Dillion Peters
Saturday, August 29 at 6:05 pm CT: Adam Wainwright vs. Steven Brault
Sunday, August 30 at 12:05 pm CT: TBD vs. Wil Crowe




Adam Wainwright