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The Draft Day One Thread

Happy Draft Day, everyone.

2007 MLB Draft

The MLB draft starts tonight, so here’s a thread where we can have discussion of the picks as they roll in. The Cardinals will only make one selection, sadly, at eighteen.

Here are my various draft previews published this spring:

No. 1: Jordan Wicks, Chase Burns, Jackson Jobe

No. 2: Henry Davis, Sal Frelick, Cameron Cauley

No. 3: Josh Hartle, Gage Jump, Brock Selvidge

No. 4: Grant Holman, Michael McGreevy, Ryan Cusick

No. 5: Colton Cowser, Matt McLain, Christian Franklin

No. 6: Sam Bachman, Tommy Mace, Dylan Smith

No. 7: Alex Binelas, Ethan Wilson, Aaron Zavala

No. 8: Chase Petty, Anthony Solometo, Pierce Coppola

No. 9: Irv Carter, Peter Heubeck, Ben Kudrna

No. 10: Kopps/T. White/M. Black/Abel/David/Bowman

No. 11: Bubba Chandler, Josh Baez, Harry Ford, Peyton Stovall

No. 12: Dodd/Hamel/Olthoff/Nikhazy/McDonough/Fitts/L. White/T. Black/Debiec/Holton/Anglin/Dallas/Schwartz

With a little last-minute conversation, I have less confidence now than I did yesterday that Chase Burns will make it to 54. Thus, I’ve rethought my final draft hopes, and I now would like to see something like this:

18. Sam Bachman/Bubba Chandler/underslot for Stovall?

54. Tyler Black/Doug Nikhazy

70. Tyler McDonough/Ryan Bliss

90. Irv Carter

120. Ricky Tiedemann/Carter Holton/Kevin Kopps (if Chandler is the pick at #18)

150. Braden Olthoff

180. Dylan Dodd

But really, lots of players are good, and I like lots of them. So, you know.

Enjoy the draft, everybody. I will try to write up the Cards’ first round pick as soon as possible, but I don’t know if I will be able to get to it tonight right away like I usually do because of day job commitments. I usually take a day off for the draft, but couldn’t this year.