Manager Shmanager

Except for sweeping the Marlins, the Cardinals have only won 3 other games in the month of June. But sweeps count against bad teams as much as good ones, so that is 6 wins in 24 days.

We all could see the team was playing over their heads early in the season. The warning signs were there. But there was also hope that certain players would warm up or return from injury and counterbalance whatever comeuppance was on the horizon. Alas...

25 games is still not a great sample, but there is no relief with the eye test. How bad do the Cardinals have to be for how much longer before a manager change starts to be discussed? I am not suggesting that the time is now. I am not even suggesting that the losses are the managers fault. But we know how it goes. I am curious what others think about the timing. Let's say the team's two-month winning percentage is under 33% by the end of July. Is Schildt's seat hot like the mid-afternoon St. Louis pavement?