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Cubs Score Eight Runs in the Eighth and Stomp Cards 12-3

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Carlos Martinez took the mound for the Cards fresh off of the injured list. Martinez served up a 91 mph middle-in cutter on the first pitch to Joc Pederson, and he deposited it just over the wall in right-center for a solo HR to start off the game and give the Cubs a 1-0 lead.

Kris Bryant grounded a low 2-2 fastball to short. Willson Contreras struck out chasing a nasty low 2-2 changeup. Anthony Rizzo flied a first-pitch hanging curve to left to end the inning. Kyle Hendricks took the hill for the Cubs. Tommy Edman lined a down-the-middle 1-0 fastball right to the 2nd baseman to lead off the bottom half. Dylan Carlson struck out chasing an elevated 2-2 fastball. Paul Goldschmidt lined a 2-2 low-and-away change to left to end the inning.

Javier Baez chased a 2-1 sinker almost in the dirt and grounded it towards the hole, where Arenado cut it off and threw to first to just nip Baez for the first out of the top of the 2nd. Ian Happ sliced a low-and-away 1-2 change for a liner to left. David Bote squibbed a low-and-away 1-0 slider to the right of the mound for Martinez to end the inning. Hendricks only needed 8 pitches to dispatch the Cards in the bottom of the 2nd. Nolan Arenado grounded a low-and-in 1-0 sinker to short. Yadier Molina tapped a first-pitch high-and-outside sinker back to the mound. Harrison Bader grounded a 2-2 down-the-middle sinker to short to end the inning.

Martinez returned the 1-2-3 favor in the top of the 3rd on only 6 pitches. Nico Hoerner chased a low 1-2 change and grounded out to short. The pitcher Hendricks grounded a first-pitch up-and-in fastball towards the middle, but Sosa ranged over to his left to snag it and throw him out. Pederson grounded a first-pitch outside changeup into the shift for Edman on the outfield grass to end the inning. To lead off the bottom of the 3rd, Justin Williams smoked a low-and-in 0-1 curve to the right side, but into the shift, where Hoerner made a nice play to his right from the grass and fired a throw across his body to throw Williams out. Edmundo Sosa tapped a 1-1 low-and-in sinker slowly towards 3rd base. Bote charged and barehanded the ball, but his throw to 1st base was wide to Rizzo’s right and got away towards the dugout, which allowed Sosa to reach 2nd base. It was ruled a hit and E5, as Sosa would have likely beat a perfect throw. A television replay suggested not only that the ball might have grazed Sosa’s foot off of the bat, but that there might have been an issue with interference at 1st base. Martinez chased an 0-2 curve low-and-away and in the dirt to strike out. Edman flied a low 0-1 change to shallow center. Happ was playing deep, and Hoerner raced out for it. Happ was jogging at first, but picked up the speed when he realized that Hoerner wasn’t going to get to it. He then slid to try to make the catch, but the ball bounced off of his glove to the ground. Sosa scored to tie the game 1-1, and Edman hustled all the way to 2nd base with a gift double.

Carlson grounded an outside 1-1 change to Rizzo at first for the 3-1 flip to end the inning.

Bryant struck out chasing a good 0-2 low change to lead off the top of the 4th. Contreras grounded a low-and-in 0-1 sinker to 2nd. With 2 out, Martinez started to get wild. He hit Rizzo on the left knee with a 1-1 cutter, walked Baez on 5 pitches, and hit Happ on the right foot near the ankle with a 1-0 fastball to load the bases. Martinez would get out of the jam when Bote smoked an inside 1-0 fastball for a hard grounder to 2nd to end the inning. To lead off the bottom of the 4th, Goldschmidt hit a high-and-outside 0-2 fastball for a laser to center, but Happ made the catch running back to the track. Arenado flied a 2-2 outside sinker to right. Molina popped a first-pitch up-and-in sinker foul to the catcher to end the inning.

To lead off the top of the 5th, Hoerner lined a low-and-away 3-2 fastball to right-center that rolled to the wall for a double. Carlson was playing very shallow and the ball got by him. Hendricks sacrificed Hoerner to 3rd, and Edman saved a run by snagging Martinez’s wild throw out of the dirt. Pederson drove a hanging low-and-in slider deep to right-center for Bader at the track. Hoerner scored on the Sac Fly to give the Cubs a 2-1 lead.

Martinez then hit Bryant on the left thigh with a 1-1 fastball. Contreras chopped a 1-1 low change to short for a 6-4 force to end the inning. Bader flied a low-and-away 1-2 change to shallow right-center to lead off the bottom half. Williams lined a first-pitch low-and-in curve to right-center for a base hit over the glove of the leaping Hoerner. Sosa grounded a middle-in 1-2 sinker towards the hole, but Bote cut it off and fired to 2nd for an inning-ending 5-4-3 double play.

Rizzo grounded an up-and-in 2-1 fastball towards the middle to start the top of the 6th. The Cards were lined up in an extreme shift. Sosa raced over to his right, but had no chance to get Rizzo, who was safe with an infield hit. Baez grounded a first-pitch low-and-in sinker sharply to 2nd for what should have been a double play. But Sosa’s throw to 1st was wide to Goldschmidt’s left and the Cards could only get the force. Happ lined an up-and-in 0-1 fastball to center for a base hit to move Baez to 2nd. Bote chopped a low-and-away 2-2 slider to Arenado at 3rd. He ran to the 3rd base bag, stepped on it and made a strong throw to 1st across his body for a 5-3 inning-ending double play.

Matt Carpenter pinch hit for Martinez and lined a low-and-away 0-1 change to center for a base hit. Edman popped a first-pitch hanging curve for Baez on the outfield grass. Carlson lined a first-pitch low-and-away change to right for a base hit to move Carpenter to 2nd. Goldschmidt then lined a 1-1 low-and-in sinker to left for a base hit to score Carpenter, move Carlson to 3rd and tie the game 2-2. Instead of throwing the ball to 2nd base or to the cutoff man, Pederson threw the ball to 3rd when he had no chance at Carlson, and that allowed Goldschmidt to move to 2nd base on the play.

Arenado was intentionally walked to get to Molina with 1 out. Molina chased a 1-0 up-and-in sinker to Rizzo in foul territory. Bader stranded the bases loaded when he grounded an outside 0-1 change to short.

Martinez’s night was done after 80 pitches, and Shildt brought in Ryan Helsley to pitch. Hoerner grounded a first-pitch low fastball up the middle for a base hit to lead off the top of the 7th, and Hendricks bunted a high two-strike fastball for a sacrifice to move him to 2nd. Helsley’s 1-0 pitch to Pederson was a low 100 mph fastball. The ball got under Yadi’s glove and the ricochet off of the backstop came right back to Yadi. Hoener raced for third, and Yadi’s throw was high but had him nailed. Arenado was in a hurry to tag Hoerner before he secured the ball, and the ball bounced off of his glove and got behind him. That allowed Horner to score to give the Cubs a 3-2 lead, and Arenado was charged with an error.

Pederson ended up walking on 5 pitches. Bryant drove a low 99 mph fastball to the gap in right-center that one-hopped the wall for a double to score Pederson from 1st to extend the Cubs’ lead to 4-2.

After Contreras struck out swinging at a high-and-outside cutter, Rizzo was intentionally walked after two balls to get to Baez, who struck out looking at a high 2-2 curve that clipped the very top edge of the zone to end the inning. Hendricks had only thrown 68 pitches by this point, and came back out for the bottom of the 7th. Williams struck out looking at an up-and-in 0-2 sinker that tailed back and clipped the edge of the zone. Sosa grounded a low-and-in 0-1 sinker up the middle for a base hit. Max Moroff pinch hit for Helsley and struck out swinging at a low 1-2 curve. Hendricks’ 1-2 pitch to Edman was a low-and-away curve that bounced and got away from the catcher for a wild pitch to move Sosa to 2nd. Edman slowly rolled a 3-2 outside change to 1st. Rizzo bobbled the ball as he transferred the ball to his glove hand, couldn’t make the flip and dropped the ball. Sosa advanced to 3rd and Edman reached first safely on the error. The Cubs decided to take Hendricks out and bring in righty Tommy Nance to pitch to Carlson. Nance served up a down-the-middle 0-1 sinker, and Carlson grounded it sharply through the right side despite the shift for a base hit to score Sosa, move Edman to 3rd and cut the Cubs’ lead to 4-3.

Goldschmidt grounded a first-pitch up-and-in sinker to 3rd for a 5-4 force to end the inning.

Kodi Whitley came out to pitch the top of the 8th. Happ blooped an outside 1-0 change to left-center for a base hit. After Bote walked on 5 pitches, Hoerner chopped an outside 1-1 change to Arenado on the line at 3rd in front of the bag, but he took his eye off the ball as he headed for the bag, and dropped it. The ball rolled into foul territory, everyone was safe and the bases were loaded. Arenado was charged with another error. After lefty Eric Sogard was announced as a pinch hitter for Nance, Shildt brought in Tyler Webb to pitch. Sogard sliced a high-and-outside 1-1 curve for a softly lined base hit to left to score Happ and extend the Cubs’ lead to 5-3. Pederson popped a 2-2 low change to Molina in foul territory. Bryant worked a 3-2 walk to score Bote and extend the Cubs’ lead to 6-3. Seth Elledge came out in relief, got behind to Contreras 3-0 and walked him on the 3-2 pitch. Hoerner scored to give the Cubs a 7-3 lead. Rizzo ripped an 0-2 hanging slider for a sharp grounder inside the 1st base line and past the glove of the diving Goldschmidt. The ball bounced off of the sidewall for a double. Sogard and Bryant scored to give the Cubs a 9-3 lead. Contreras got caught in between 3rd base and the plate and was put out 9-4-3-2, and Rizzo moved to 3rd during that play. Baez chased a low 2-2 slider almost in the dirt, but lined it to left-center for a base hit to score Rizzo and give the Cubs a 10-3 lead. Happ sharply grounded an up-and-in 3-1 fastball inside the first base line and off the of the sidewall for a double to move Baez to 3rd. Bote sharply grounded a 1-1 low-and-in 1-1 slider inside the 3rd base line for a base hit off the sidewall. Both Baez and Happ scored to extend the Cubs’ lead to 12-3. Bote tried to stretch it into a double, but Williams threw him out at second base to finally end the inning.

Sogard stayed in the game at 3B for the top of the 8th, and righty Dan Winkler came out to pitch for the Cubs in the #7 spot. Arenado tapped an outside 2-2 cutter to the mound. Andrew Knizner pinch hit for Molina and struck out chasing an elevated 1-2 fastball. Bader struck out chasing a high 3-2 cutter to end the inning. Daniel Ponce de Leon came out to pitch the top of the 9th, and this is his first appearance in the majors since April 28th. Knizner stayed in the game to catch. Hoerner drove a 3-2 inside fastball deep to left-center, but Williams caught it in front of the wall. Sogard grounded a low 0-1 curve to first for the 3-1 flip. Nick Martini pinch hit for Pederson and grounded a 1-2 low-and-away change to 2nd to end the inning. Martini stayed in the game in LF for the bottom of the 9th, and lefty Brad Wieck came out to pitch. Williams struck out swinging at a down-the-middle 2-2 fastball. Sosa sharply grounded a middle-in 0-1 fastball through the right side for a base hit. Lane Thomas pinch hit for Ponce de Leon and flied an 0-1 low-and-in cutter to center. Edman flied a high 1-2 fastball to right to end the game.

Martinez 6 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 2 SO, 1 HR, 3 HBP; Helsley (1 day rest, top 7, tied 2-2) 1 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 1 IBB, 2 SO, WP; Whitley (1 day rest, top 8, down 4-3) 0 IP (pitched to 3 batters in the 8th) 1 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 0 SO; Webb (1 day rest, top 8, nobody out, bases loaded, down 4-3) .1 IP, 1 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 0 SO, allowed 2 out of 3 inherited runners to score; Elledge (6 days rest, top 8, 1 out, bases loaded, down 5-3) .2 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 0 SO, allowed 3 out of 3 inherited runners to score; Ponce de Leon (5 days rest since last minor league appearance, top 9, down 12-3) 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 SO.


The Braves absolutely crushed the Pirates 20-1. Out of the 20 hits that the Pirates’ staff allowed, 7 were homers. Starter Tyler Anderson allowed half the hits and 3 of the homers in 5 innings pitched. Jesse Winker of the Reds hit 3 solo homers to lead the club to a 9-4 victory over the Brewers. Tyler Naquin added a 3-run shot. Brewers starter Adrian Houser threw 90 pitches in just 4 innings pitched and allowed 4 walks and 3 homers to 4 strikeouts.