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Waino Gets Bombed for Three Homers and Padres Crush Cards 13-3

Matt Carpenter makes his pitching debut

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s telecast was on Fox Sports 1. Aaron Goldsmith had the play-by-play with John Smoltz on the color commentary and Ken Rosenthal contributing. The Cards were not wearing their powder blue unis, which they traditionally do on Saturday road games, probably because they would look awkward with the camo caps and accessories which all clubs are featuring during “Armed Forces Weekend.” Righty Chris Paddack took the hill for the Padres. Tommy Edman worked a 12-pitch plate appearance, popping a 3-2 low-and-away change to the shortstop on the outfield grass to start the game. Dylan Carlson tapped a 2-2 low-and-away change to short. Paul Goldschmidt tapped an outside 1-1 fastball towards the middle. The shortstop Kim dove for it to his left, but could only deflect it with his glove, and Goldy had an infield hit. Nolan Arenado ended the inning by popping a 3-2 outside fastball to the second baseman Cronenworth, who caught the ball over his shoulder in the outfield. Paddack has already thrown 29 pitches. Adam Wainwright took the mound for the Cards. Trent Grisham flied an inside 2-1 cutter to right to lead off the bottom half. Manny Machado drove a 2-0 down-the-middle sinker towards the gap in right-center, but Bader raced over and made a running catch.

After Jake Cronenworth drew a 3-2 two-out walk, Wainwright hung a 1-1 curve to Tommy Pham, who deposited it into the seats in left field for a 2-run HR to give the Padres a 2-0 lead.

Austin Nola grounded a middle-in 1-2 cutter to short to end the inning.

Yadier Molina flied a first-pitch down-the-middle fastball to Grisham in right-center to start the top of the 2nd. Tyler O’Neill struck out swinging late at a 3-2 fastball up in the zone. Max Moroff drove a 2-1 down-the-middle fastball deep to left-center, but Pham caught it up against the wall to end the frame. To start the bottom of the 2nd, Brian O’Grady sliced a 3-2 middle-in cutter to left field. O’Neill initially misjudged the ball, then had to race forward and to his right a bit, but ended up making a diving catch for the out. Ha-Seong Kim skied a 1-2 hanging curve to left-center, just over the wall and O’Neill’s leaping glove for a solo HR to extend the Padres’ lead to 3-0.

Victor Caratini grounded a 1-0 outside change up the middle for a base hit. The pitcher Paddack couldn’t get the sacrifice down and whiffed a bunt attempt on a 2-2 outside cutter. With 2 out, Grisham blooped an up-and-in 1-1 fastball to left-center for a base hit to move Caratini to 3rd. Machado lined an outside 1-1 cutter but right to Arenado at 3rd to end the inning.

Bader flied a 3-2 high fastball to right to lead off the top of the 3rd. O’Grady just jogged in from right and Nola jogged back from 1st base, and by the time O’Grady realized he need to run to get the ball, it was too late and dropped in between them for a base hit. Wainwright couldn’t get the sacrifice down and struck out bunting a 1-2 curve foul. Edman chased a first-pitch low-and-away change and slowly grounded it to 2nd base to move Bader to 2nd. After Carlson walked on 5 pitches, Goldschmidt grounded a low-and-away 2-1 change to short for a 6-4 force to strand the runners. To start the bottom half, Cronenworth grounded a 2-2 outside backdoor cutter to the right side towards the 2nd base bag. Moroff was lined up in the outfield to the far right in an extreme shift and hustled towards the ball, but could only get a glove on it, and Cronenworth had an infield single. After Pham drew a 3-2 walk, Nola lined a first-pitch outside cutter and lined it into the first row of seats over the right field wall by the line for a 3-run HR to give the Padres a 6-0 lead.

O’Grady lined an up-and-in 2-2 fastball to right for a base hit beyond the shift and over Moroff’s dive. Kim popped an 0-1 low-and-in cutter to short for the first out. Caratini drew a 3-2 walk. Paddack failed to get the sacrifice down again, this time bunting an outside 2-2 cutter foul. Grisham lined a high hanging 3-2 curve to center to end the inning, and Wainwright has already thrown 79 pitches.

To start the top of the 4th, Arenado drove a 1-1 low-and-away change to the deepest part of left-center, but Grisham tracked it down just in front of the wall. Molina drove an outside 2-2 fastball just barely over the wall in right-center for a solo HR to cut the Padres’ lead to 6-1.

O’Neill softly lined a low-and-away 3-2 change to left. Moroff flied an inside 3-1 fastball to right to end the inning. Machado popped a 1-1 high sinker to short to lead off the bottom of the 4th. Cronenworth lined a 1-1 high cutter up the middle for a base hit. Pham grounded a low-and-away 0-1 cutter deep into the hole at short. Edman made an outstanding diving stop and fired to 2nd for the 6-4 force from one knee. Nola lined a 2-2 low-and-away curve to Edman, who snared it just before it hit the ground, and the inning was over.

Paddack’s night was over after 84 pitches, and the Padres made a double switch for the top of the 5th. Righty Miguel Diaz came out to pitch in the #4 spot, John Andreoli came out to play LF in the #9 spot, with Pham exiting the game. Bader grounded an 0-1 up-and-in change to short to start the inning. Justin Williams pinch hit for Wainwright and walked on 4 straight pitches. Edman drove a low-and-in 0-1 change deep to right-center, but O’Grady hauled it in at the track. Carlson struck out chasing a 1-2 low-and-away change to end the inning. Wainwright was done after 92 pitches and Junior Fernandez, freshly recalled from the taxi squad, came in for his first action in 2021. O’Grady drew a 3-2 walk to lead off the bottom of the 5th, taking a close change near the outside corner. Kim grounded a low-and-away 2-2 change to short for a 6-4-3 double play. Moroff’s throw to 1st beat Kim by a step. Caratini flied a low-and-away 3-2 fastball to shallow left near the line, where O’Neill made a running catch forward to end the inning.

To lead off the top of the 6th, Goldschmidt struck out looking at a 3-2 high change that floated down and just clipped the top of the zone. Arenado drove a low-and-away 2-2 change over the left-center field wall an into the first few rows of seats for a solo HR to cut the Padres’ lead to 6-2.

Molina swung awkwardly and late and struck out chasing an outside 0-2 fastball. O’Neill lined an 0-1 low-and-away fastball to center for a two-out base hit, but Moroff grounded a 1-0 low-and-away change to 2nd into the shift to end the inning. Andreoli walked on 4 straight pitches to start the bottom of the 6th. With Andreoli running on the 3-2 pitch, Grisham lined a hanging change for a base hit to right to move the runner to 3rd. Machado lined a first-pitch down-the-middle fastball to center for a base hit to score Andreoli, move Grisham to 2nd and extend the Padres’ lead to 7-2. Shildt then made a double switch, bringing in Tyler Webb to pitch in the #7 spot, Matt Carpenter to play 2B in the #9 spot, and taking Moroff out of the game. Cronenworth popped an 0-1 high change to Edman at short on the grass. Patrick Kivlehan pinch hit for Diaz. Webb’s 2-2 pitch to him was a change that bounced in front of the plate and went to the backstop for a wild pitch that allowed the runners to advance to 2nd and 3rd. With the infield in, Kivlehan grounded an outside 3-2 fastball up the middle past the glove of the diving Edman for a base hit to score Grisham, move Machado to 3rd and give the Padres an 8-2 lead. Nola drove an outside 1-2 change down the line in left that O’Neill couldn’t get in time and rolled to the wall for a double. Machado scored to give the Padres a 9-2 lead, and Kivlehan moved to 3rd. O’Grady slowly rolled an inside 2-2 fastball to 2nd. Carpenter charged and his throw just barely beat O’Grady to 1st. Kivlehan scored to give the Padres a 10-2 lead and Nola went to 3rd. Kim flied a low 1-0 sinker to Bader in right-center to end the inning.

Righty Pierce Johnson came out to pitch for the Padres in the top of the 7th. He delivered Bader 6 straight curveballs, and Bader smoked the last low-and-in pitch off of the façade below the 2nd deck of seats in left for a solo HR to cut the Padres’ lead to 10-3.

Carpenter struck out swinging at a high hanging 0-2 curve. Edman popped a low-and-in 2-2 curve to the third baseman Machado, who was positioned on the right side in the outfield in the shift. Carlson drew a 3-2 walk after being behind in the count 1-2. Goldschmidt grounded a low 2-2 curve to 2nd for a 4-6 force to end the inning.

Jake Woodford came out to pitch the bottom of the 7th. Edmundo Sosa replaced Arenado at 3rd and Knizner also came in to catch. Caratini lined a first-pitch middle-in sinker to the gap in right-center, but Carlson got to it. Andreoli lined a low-and-in 2-2 slider to the gap in left-center that rolled to the wall for a double. Grisham softly lined a low-and-in 2-0 slider up the middle that eluded the glove of the diving Edman for a base hit to move Andreoli to 3rd. Machado lined a first-pitch low-and-in sinker to the gap in left-center that Bader tracked down. Andreoli scored on the Sac Fly to give the Padres an 11-3 lead. Cronenworth tapped a high-and-outside 0-2 curve towards the mound. Woodford jumped for the ball, but it went off his glove behind the mound for a base hit to move Grisham to 2nd. Tucupita Marcano ran for Grisham. Ivan Castillo pinch hit for the pitcher Johnson and drew a 3-2 walk to load the bases. Shildt brought in Lane Thomas in the #7 spot to play 2B, and put Matt Carpenter on the mound to make his MLB pitching debut, and this is now ridiculous. The Cards are out of bench players. Nola lined a floating low-and-in 55 mph eephus pitch to left for a base hit. Marcano and Cronenworth scored to extend the Padres’ lead to 13-3, and Machado moved to 2nd.

O’Grady popped a high-and-outside 1-2 eephus to Thomas at 2nd to end the inning.

Marcano stayed in the game for the top of the 8th to play LF in the #1 spot. Castillo stayed in the game in the #4 spot to play 3B. Righty Nabil Crismatt came in to pitch in the #2 spot and Andreoli moved from LF to CF. Crismatt hit Sosa on the left arm with an 0-1 change to start the inning. Knizner grounded a low 1-1 change to 3rd for a 5-4-3 double play. Crismatt hit O’Neill on the left elbow with an 0-1 change. Thomas grounded a low-and-away 1-2 fastball to the hole for Kim and a 6-4 force to end the inning. Kim lined a 3-2 down-the-middle 79 mph sidearm delivery to left to lead off the bottom of the 8th. Carpenter hit Caratini on the right leg with a 2-2 81 mph fastball. Andreoli lined a low-and-away 58 mph eephus right to Sosa at 3rd. Marcano blooped a low-and-in 3-1 60 mph eephus to right that dropped for a base hit in between Thomas and Carlson. Caratini tried to advance to third, but Carlson threw him out to end the inning.

Bader grounded a first-pitch low-and-away fastball to short to lead off the top of the 9th. Carpenter was ahead in the count 3-0, but struck out swinging at a hanging 3-2 curve. Edman lined an outside 0-2 change to center to end the game.

Wainwright (5 days rest) 4 IP, 8 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 3 BB, 2 SO, 3 HR; Junior Fernandez (5 days rest since last minor league appearance) 1 IP (pitched to 3 batters in the 6th), 2 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 0 SO; Webb (no rest, bottom 6, nobody out, men on 1st and 2nd, down 7-2) 1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 SO, WP, allowed 2 out of 2 inherited runners to score; Woodford (no rest, bottom 7, down 10-3) .2 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 0 SO; Carpenter (bottom 7, 2 out, bases loaded, down 11-3) 1.1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 SO, HBP, allowed 2 out of 3 inherited runners to score.


Brett Anderson got knocked out of the game after 3.2 IP and 4 earned runs allowed, as the Brewers lost to the Braves 4-1...Cubs starter Trevor Williams only lasted 2 innings for the Cubs, but Matt Duffy’s 3-run homer got the club back into it, and the game went in to extra innings. Duffy also had an RBI single in the top of the 10th, but the Tigers walked it off in the bottom half and won 9-8 when Craig Kimbrel gave up two singles...The Reds and Rockies also went to extra innings with the game tied 2-2 at the end of regulation. Kyle Farmer hit a 2-run homer in the top of the 11th, but Lucas Sims allowed a walk and a double to Josh Fuentes to tie the score. The Reds scored twice more in the top of the 12th with the help of a Nick Castellanos double and Heath Hembree was able to hold the Rockies to only 1 run in the bottom half to allow the Reds to escape with a 6-5 victory in 12...The Giants had a 6-2 lead over the Pirates, but the Bucs tied the score in the bottom of the 7th thanks to a breakdown in the Giants bullpen and a 2-run double from Jacobs Stallings. Stallings then hit a 2-run walkoff HR in the bottom of the 9th to give the Pirates an 8-6 win.