My Apology To John Mozeliak

This will be short and quick.

John, a few years back I posted that I thought you were the main reason the Cardinals have failed to capture another ring after 2011. I am such a huge Cardinals fan, that all I was concerned about was immediate victories & establishing a record of glory.

After all, who wouldn't? To be honest, I don't even recall exactly what I wrote about you- though I thought myself pretty clever and convincing at the time.

The reality is finally setting in that I was wrong, and I apologize- even though I'm a nobody to you or anyone else on the board. Winning is not everything. The Cubs showed us that for a century and though I don't want to wait that long for another ring, I do want to thank you for having overseen some amazing things:

1) Raising a pretty decent farm system for the last two decades. I know the pitching has borne more fruit than the hitters, but you were often choosing low in the draft, and at least you had a philosophy that many teams emulated.

2) When the hitting didn't develop, you acquired core bats repeatedly throughout the years. Sometimes I regretted the age at which you acquired them, but acquiring Holliday, Goldy, and Arenado over the years IS pretty amazing, if I'm honest with myself.

3) Even though I was very negative about the previous manager here, the reality is that he had a pretty darn-good record, when you count wins and losses.

4) The Cardinals are almost always in the hunt- and the few times they were not, you saw to it that they WERE within a season or so.

Finally, no one is perfect. I always feel that I know how to manage better than the next guy- but maybe I was wrong there, too. The one thing I do now realize is that second-guessing a manager's moves can actually take a lot of fun out of the game- at least for over-competitive types, like myself.

Play ball and GO CARDS!!! And John, thanks for way more good than bad the last 20 plus years. As I try to think of which other team I would have enjoyed more during that period, few come to mind.