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VEB Open Thread - Friday, 03/12/21

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MLB: Houston Astros at St. Louis Cardinals Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday! The Cardinals will return to Grapefruit League action today as they are set to take on the Houston Astros this evening down in Jupiter, Florida.

Adam Wainwright will make the start, with first pitch set for 5:05 PM Central time. As noted yesterday, Wainwright will hit for himself, as will all Cardinals pitchers for the remainder of spring.

In case you missed it yesterday, Major League Baseball announced some experimental rules that will be implemented at the Minor League levels this season. At Triple-A, larger bases will be used. At Double-A, infielders must have both feet in the infield dirt, cutting back defensive shifts. In High-A, pitchers are to completely step off the rubber before throwing to a base, and there will be a few different experimental rules in Low-A.

Have a good day!