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Harrison Bader gets mic’d up - A Hunt and Peck

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“Sippin’ that Baderaide”

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

After Adam Wainwright and coach Bryan “Gerdy” Eversgerd, the Cardinals have continued their mic’d up series with centerfielder Harrison Bader. Bader is a likeable and charismatic guy so the video is pretty fun. Here were some of my favorite #Baderisms:

“Sippin’ the Baderaide, so say ‘Hello’, be nice to my friends.”
“Huge... he looks like a scorpion.”
“I don’t think Knizner sleeps.”
“It’s like a crisp apple out of the freezer!”
[To Tyler O’Neil] “Hey when you ask how fast a pitch was do you look back at the umpire and say ‘About 160, 180 kilometers?”
“Arenado’s so smooth like he looks like connected every swing. Ya know?”
“Dude. Spinach is it.”

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