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Viva El Libros (an offseason book club): Lords of the Realm

You have spoken!

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California Home Run King Mark Mcgwire Of The St Louis Cardinals Is All Smiles Photo By John T. Barr/Getty Images

The results are in! I asked you all which book you would like to read for the Viva El Birdos offseason book club, Viva El Libros, and you responded. The winner is...

via Goodreads

(Oh, you’re saying because of SEO I already put the book title in the post title so you already knew and I played this as a big reveal for no reason? My bad.)

This is the one you all really wanted to read and I think you all made a good choice. As I mentioned in the earlier post, this book is a compilation of interviews by John Heyler written in 1994. Heyler takes the reader back in time to infamous points in baseball history like the Black Sox scandal to the 1994 players strike. In a time of an owners’ lockout this is probably the perfect book to read as it attempts to get an inside view on the relationships between owners and players and the chronicle the rise of the Player’s Association. I think that will weigh heavily on my mind as I read.

I am excited to get started! As you read, feel free to think of some discussion questions we can go over when we are done reading. Lords of the Realm: The Real History of Baseball is available on Amazon, Left Bank Books — a St. Louis bookstore —, or at your local library!