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We are locked out.

and by “we“ I of course mean Major League Baseball players.

Umpire Vic Voltagio holds up a sign reading “Owner Photo credit should read DOUG COLLIER/AFP via Getty Images

In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone that read J. P. Hill‘s article from Wednesday morning, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement has expired and Major League Baseball has instituted a lockout, ending 26 years of labor peace.

You might have noticed that things already look a little different over at That would be because during a situation like this teams are not allowed to use player likeness for advertisements or merchandise. Signings and trades are also halted.

The main sticking points in these negotiations are not anything new. Players want more shares of revenue and shorter service time to reach arbitration. The owners… do not want to give that up.

A very sophisticated breakdown, I know. In my defense it is 1 AM. I will just let the executive Director of the players association Tony Clark do the talking:

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred also released a statement:

in the meantime nearly all Major League Baseball activities will come to a stop. This is shaping up to be a long winter.