Brief Look at Free Agency

What a season eh?

Most of the year we coasted at a middling level, with some highs and surely some lows. Then we rattled off a franchise record of wins towards the end. Thought we had a real chance against LA, but the lack of bat production was our downfall in the end. But it was a fun way to end the year, I think the push helped solidify Arenado's stance with the org, and majority of the key contributors will be back next year.

We do also have some significant money coming off the books. Martinez, Carp, Miller, etc are all unlikely to be back and should make a usually reserved office in FA perhaps a bit more active. While recently they've opted for trades to acquire talent, I think this year presents a great opportunity to swing at a star level (or two) talent.

Now my understanding of how money works relative to spending power for the MLB is much less than that of the NFL/NBA, but just for fun and since I already miss the birds on the bat, i figured i'd type up a quick article of some hopes/wishes for FA for our team to facilitate some discussion/argument/etc.

Target #1:

Max Scherzer - SP - Now for a team that just tallied 1 in a playoff game you'd think a bat would ob objective one. But I am putting Mad Max at one for both a need and with plausibility in mind. Scherzer is in the midst of another terrific season and looks to have the same longevity we are seeing from Waino. So I would have no qualms throwing a fat, 3-year deal at him to don the red and white. The need is there in our staff, and while its a bit scary to think about your rotation's top 2 being 37+, they are both pillars of health and consistency (for the most part). Scherzer is from Missouri, and grew up a big Cardinals fan. Lets bring him home to front the rotation.

Target #2:

Trevor Story - SS - While I think Mad Max makes a bit more sense, Story would be my pick as most preferred target. He brings a big bat for a SS, solid defense, above average speed/base running and STL has the luxury of already rostering former friend and Co-star Nolan Arenado. This is a great offseason for teams that need Shortstop help. Story, Seager, Semien, Correa, and Baez all present options for teams to upgrade. While I like Sosa and DeJong, they both certainly have their faults at this stage in their career. DeJong could probably use a change of scenery, and I do think their would be some buy-low suitors around the league for him. Sosa was streaky with the bat and showed his youth/inexperience in our lone playoff game. Story is just shy of 29 so has multiple years ahead of him of All-Star caliber ball. And while Goldy seems to be aging like a fine wine into his mid-late 30s, It wouldn't hurt to have another sub 30yo All star in the batting order. Can you imagine a trio of Goldy-Arenado-Story with our speed and base running? Filthy. Lets reunite the former Rockie teammates in STL.

*Depending on altering/implementation of a universal DH (which to my knowledge is still up in the air)

Target #3:

Nelson Cruz - DH - This has no real connection I can think of, and if the universal DH goes into effect, he will surely be well targeted as strictly a hitter. But as a 1 year deal type of acquisition to bat cleanup on this squad - their are few better targets. Even at the ripe age of 41yo he smacked 32 homers, for 86 rbis at decent clips. Sure we have some in house options for this already, but its my article and I'm dreaming big.

Short and sweet article about 3, but really mostly my 2 favorite targets this offseason that have even the slightlest inkling of plausibility. Who would yall like to see in red next year?