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Cardinals Up to 13 Cases of COVID-19; Hope to Resume Play Friday

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All four games with the Tigers have been postponed; team remains isolated in Milwaukee.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Dating back to last Friday (7/31), the Cardinals’ organization has reported 13 positive cases of COVID-19, infecting seven players and six staff members. As the test results came in over the weekend, the three-game series in Milwaukee was postponed. On Monday, MLB announced the four games between the Cardinals and Tigers in Detroit this week have also been postponed. As things stand now, the Cardinals next game will be Friday against the Cubs in St. Louis.

John Mozeliak noted that five of the individuals who have COVID-19 are asymptomatic, while the eight others have exhibited some mild symptoms, such as headaches, coughs, and low-grade fevers. The ‘Field of Dreams’ game that was scheduled for next Thursday (8/13) between the Cardinals and White Sox in Iowa has been canceled.

The Cardinals’ organization first reported two positive cases of COVID-19 on Friday morning. Four more came on Saturday, leading up to the 13 total cases the team has as of Monday.