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More Cardinals Test Positive for COVID-19 on Sunday

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We are unsure of how many new cases. Regardless, this is not the news we were hoping for.

Houston Astros v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

With already six positive COVID-19 tests entering the day, Sunday’s updates from the Cardinals’ organization aren’t looking any better.

Update: It looks like we will have to wait until tomorrow to hear more about the tests..


Here’s how we got here:

On Saturday, the Cardinals had four new positive COVID-19 tests, which came from three staff members and one player. That brought the Cardinals’ total to six cases, counting the two positives we learned of on Friday.

The Cardinals last played on Wednesday evening in Minnesota against the Twins before traveling to Milwaukee. The Cardinals and Brewers were originally scheduled to play a three-game series this weekend. Friday’s positive tests led to the postponement of that evening’s game — which was rescheduled as part of a doubleheader for Sunday. Saturday’s test results led to the postponement of Saturday’s game, and Sunday’s doubleheader had the same fate.

Instead of the originally-scheduled, home-and-home series between the Cardinals and Tigers, all four games are now to be played in Detroit this week; MLB switched it to single games on Tuesday and Thursday, with a doubleheader on Wednesday. Playing all four games in Detroit would be less travel for both teams, and at this point, those games are still scheduled. This all seems to be in jeopardy, though, after the most recent news.

We should hear some specifics on Sunday’s results at some point this evening. Stay tuned.